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Laura Lisitsky

Laura Lisitsky

Apart from a 12-year hiatus in Seattle, Laura Lisitsky is a life-long Western New Yorker and a dedicated lover of the outdoors. She grew up in Elma, attended Iroquois Central School and now teaches K-4 Physical Education there. When she’s not encouraging children to participate in structured physical activity, she indulges in some of her own. Favorites include hiking, kayaking and cross-country skiing. Laura is always up for another great outdoor adventure.

Her love of the outdoors has deep roots, stemming from time spent at her grandparents’ home in the Catskills. The youngest of five, her grandparents would treat each child — one at a time — to a few weeks with them on their 23-acre homestead in Saugerties. Here, Laura spent many memorable hours exploring nearby woodlands, fields and streams.

“Locally, I belong to an informal hiking group, formed during the pandemic by a group of former high school friends. We call ourselves the ‘Silver Lining Hiking Group’. Lots of our outings are spur-of–the-moment and always fun."

“During my time in Seattle, hiking and biking trails were everywhere. I was surrounded by them, but couldn’t afford to live near them. They’re a very popular amenity, and housing prices are higher the closer you live to a trail.”

Laura recently traveled to Norway with her partner, Steve. Here, again, hiking trails were numerous and considered an integral, defining part of the Norwegian lifestyle.

Through her travels, chosen lifestyle and profession, Laura truly understands the value of trails.  “People need to get outdoors for their mental and physical health. In my volunteer efforts with trail clean-up and the Fondo bike event, I’ve found pleasure working with like-minded people for such a great cause. We’re working to create something that will mean so much for so many. Trails are such an asset to any community. Why not ours?”

April 1, 2024

Written by:

Deb Fenn

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