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Concept Renderings 

Springville section of Erie Cattaraugus Rail Trail. Click to Enlarge.​
Orchard Park section of the future Erie Cattaraugus Rail Trail.
​Current Conditions

The two-mile section of right-of-way between Jewett Holmwood and Ellicott Road in Orchard Park is a small segment of the 27 mile section of the B&PR in Erie and Cattaraugus counties. In 2010, the corridor was cleared, graded and the rails and ties removed. The right-of-way is 125’ wide at Jewett Holmwood Road and 69’ wide at Ellicott Road. It is accessible from town owned property. It is adjacent to a town park and a Smokes Creek tributary. Today, residents trespass on the right-of-way and use it as an unofficial hiking and x-country ski trail, sharing it with deer and other wildlife. The corridor is also used for dumping, hunting and other activities.

The following examples are intended to provide a picture of what the B&PR right-of-way might look like if developed as a rail trail. It is intended as a starting point for a community conversation. The visualization is not the only option or final word on trail
development. It remains for the residents to decide what is best for their community.

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