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Bernie Young

Bernie Young is a country guy, through and through. He has lived in East Concord with his wife, Jeanette, for the past 50 years. Apart from his 4 children, 13 grandchildren and 7 great-grands, what Bernie loves most in this world is his abiding connection to nature and ‘the great outdoors'.

As Bernie welcomed me into his home, he invited me to have a seat in what is certainly his favorite room; a place that serves as both a dining area and his beloved trophy room. Proudly displayed on the walls above our heads as we chatted were beautifully mounted turkeys and deer. (One buck, he noted, boasted a rack listed in the New York State record books “with a score of 145!”)

A carpenter by trade, Bernie was founder and sole owner of Young Construction for most of his working life. Generally working alone, he remodeled numerous interior spaces over the years and, with a hired hand or two, constructed several home additions.

Bernie Young

Now retired, Bernie spends much of his time outdoors. He continues to cut his own firewood and he built a small cabin on a parcel of wooded property he owns on Springville-Boston Road. There, he hunts and fishes and simply enjoys his time with nature. Bernie also proudly serves on the board of directors of Springville Field and Stream. The organization’s recent fundraiser, a “Golf and Shoot”, involved competing trap-shooting teams followed by a round of golf at Concord Crest , dinner and prizes. Proceeds benefitted the Springville Trout Pond project, an endeavor Erie Cattaraugus Rail Trail has been affiliated with this past year, creating an ADA accessible connection from the pond to the trail.

In his spare time, Bernie is one of ECRT’s valued, hard-working volunteers .Using an ATV four-wheeler and a tow-behind mower, he does a meticulous job maintaining the trail from Genesee Road to Old Glenwood. He also walks the trail frequently. For Bernie, the trail is a much-loved place he gladly takes care of and truly cares for; a place where he can commune with nature very close to home.

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