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Aurora Receives $4.5 Million NY Forward Award

A portion of the Award will be used for trail improvements in West Falls.

Volunteer Spotlight:
Liz Birardi

Through mutual friendships, Liz became aware of Erie Cattaraugus Rail Trail. She has volunteered at tabling events, National Trails Day celebrations, donor thank-you hikes and at registration for the EA2EVL Fondo. She is also a current and valued member of the ECRT Development Team.

“I really like the idea of the trail; that you can walk from town to town and find yourself surrounded by nature. It’s also great that you rarely have to cross a road. It’s also really great for the communities. This is such a wonderful project!”

Become A Trail Expert
  • What sections are open today?

  • What types of activities does the trail accommodate?

  • Who owns the trail? Has it been abandoned?

  • What does railbanking mean?

  • Who has jurisdiction over the trail?

  • What is the best way to build the trail?

  • Who is responsible if someone is injured on the trail? Are adjacent landowners responsible?

  • Has there been recent progress on trail design?

  • What's next for the trail?

Explore the Trail:

Explore the future Erie Cattaraugus Rail Trail.

Become a Member:

​Love the outdoors? Consider joining us. Your support helps our ongoing efforts to preserve the former rail corridor with the intent to develop it into a multi-use recreational trail. It also demonstrates community support to our local and state officials. All members will receive our newsletter as well as exclusive invitations to ECRT events. When you register, you'll also have the opportunity to indicate if you would like to further assist us by volunteering.

Learn More About ECRT:

Erie Cattaraugus Rail Trail Inc. is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization and trail manager for the railbanked portion of the Buffalo-Pittsburgh Railway in Western NY. Over twenty-seven miles long, this railroad right-of-way connects the communities of Orchard Park, Aurora, West Falls, Colden, East Concord, Springville and West Valley, New York.

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