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Paul Cramer


Paul Cramer serves as a Managing Director at Veritone (Nasdaq: VERI) where he oversees the licensing of the company's AI-based advertising and content intelligence solutions to global media companies. He has been a member of the ECRT Board since 2008 and has played a pivotal role in shaping the organization's digital strategy, including website development, email marketing, social media, online giving, and information technology. Currently, he serves on the Communications and Legal committees.

Living adjacent to the ECRT corridor, Paul is particularly passionate about the project's potential to connect several neighborhoods to village and town centers, providing a safe, off-road route for bicyclists and pedestrians to explore and enjoy. Having witnessed rail trails across the country enhance the character of the communities they traverse while acting as quiet economic generators, he is excited about the trail's potential to do the same for the Southtowns region of Western New York.

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